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This page is only dealing with possible technical problems related to Cresotech software. If you have any general questions, business offers or suggestions - please send your messages through our Contact page.


Please check this FAQ list. There is a great chance your problem is already listed in it. Click on the question describing your problem to get the solution on a separate page. If you are sure your problem is NOT in FAQ list, please fill the general support form below. Please note: requests answered in FAQ list WILL NOT be processed.

  1. I have lost my registration code!
  2. I have purchased registration code but have not received it yet
  3. My registration code is not accepted by software product
  4. I am getting 'Trial Period is Over' warning. What have I do?
  5. Will your product support my device/system?
  1. DESKTOPSAFE/POCKETSAFE: I have purchased both DesktopSafe and PocketSafe but cannot import/export my data between them
  2. POCKETLANCE: my LAN is not visible from my PDA
  3. POCKETLANCE: can I run the remote files over my LAN without copying them to my PDA?
  4. PHOTOPOINT: I need hints on creating an image list file for my slide show
  5. PHOTOPOINT: I wish to burn my slide show on CD

Request for technical support

Please fill this form only if you have not found your problem in above FAQ.

ALL FIELDS ARE MANDATORY - please do not leave them blank.
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