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The main areas of services proposed by Cresotech, Inc. are:


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Software development for business and personal use

Cresotech, Inc. has been in the business of IT since 1994.

Cresotech, Inc. provides the customers with systems design, software development, project management, system implementation and support.

Cresotech, Inc. provides the expertise in implementing mobile computing solutions in a variety of vertical market segments including the goods distribution and van sales, medical materials distribution and marketing networks, general promotional activity. These areas are good examples where the power of the mobile wireless solutions and laptop / pocket PC based software can deliver real benefits to the corporate users and to their customers, as well as individuals. Here you can find more detailed descriptions of Cresotech, Inc. projects and main directions of company activity.

Cresotech, Inc. is currently concentrating on providing both mobile wireless network solutions and PDA based software for business and personal use. Our products will provide organizations a handheld computer solution that will improve productivity, enhance customer service, and reduce costs.

We do always welcome new business opportunities and are looking for new business partners. Do you have an idea you want to develop together with us? Are you looking for somebody able to design and develop special software to satisfy your current needs? Do you want to distribute our products? Just contact us - we are open to hear any propositions or suggestions.

Web Site Design

Web design services are one of main directions of Cresotech activity. We can develop a site of different complexity level in briefest term. Our staff of experienced programmers and creative designers allows us to meet almost any requirements to full client's satisfaction.

If you need a web site, just mail us - we are always glad to discuss any conditions, and our policy is flexible. Your requests are welcome.


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