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Take fun with Agent UnderCover!
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Fun and easy, AGENT UNDERCOVER allows to cut a hole of any shape and depth in windows opened on your desktop.

Gain the total control over the windows on your desktop. Now you don't have to minimize window by window when working with numerous tasks. Punch a hole through all windows to see what is going on down there!

Let off your steam! Tear your windows to pieces, make a shaped holes, do anything you want. Agent Undercover will allow you to cut a hole of any shape and depth.

...And what is important: all your task windows with holes applied remain fully operational - you can continue work in top window and watch the content of layer below at the same time. The holes do not disappear when you moving, resizing or minimizing your windows; all the effects of Agent Undercover are removed only by your direct order, or when the window is closed completely.

Try it for yourself - install Agent Undercover and enjoy this fun and easy software. Free trial term is 10 days.


Time limitation and all "Unregistered version" notifications are removed.


Just two screenshots to illustrate what it looks like:

Freehand tool; Single Layer Depth mode Preset Stamp tool; Throughout mode


Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Free Hard Disk Space:

Remember: Agent Undercover works under Windows98/Me with some limitations.

Windows98 has a completely different approach to work with task windows. It is very different from one used by Windows95, WindowsNT or Windows2000. Such difference sets several limitations to any program designed to put a changes to task windows, so you may experience the following restrictions to work of Agent Undercover if your OS is Windows98:

- Console application windows (like DOS prompt or DOS based programs) are not affected by Agent Undercover.
- Few system or service application windows (e.g. Character Map and maybe small number of other similar tools) are not affected by Agent Undercover.

That's all. There no other restrictions to work under Windows98. And above restrictions are only appear in this OS; it will never be met in other Windows versions.


WOW rating at www.softlist.net

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit
Rated 5/5 stars at www.5star-shareware.com Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

Awarded 5/5 Stars On SuperShareware.com
Rated 5/5 shields on BrotherSoft.com

Rated 4.5/5 stars on Download2You.com

5/5 Stars Rating on SoftPlatz.com   Rated 5/5 stars on Soft32.com   Cool award at Softizer.com   5/5 Stars on ADLEnterprises.com   Editor's Pick on FileTrial.com

Editor's Pick on Download-Soft.com   5/5 Stars and Featured Rating on OrderGenuine.com   Pick Software on DoUpload.com   5/5 Stars on DaolnwoD.com

5/5 Stars on FreeTrialDownloads.com    5/5 Stars and Editor's Choice on FreeTrialSoft.com    5/5 Stars on SoftDLL.com   Rated 4.5 stars on DiscountFiles.com

5/5 Stars on Fast-Download.info   5/5 Stars Rating on AcidFiles.com   5/5 Stars on SharewarePlaza.com   5/5 Stars Rating on Softsia.com

5/5 Rating on Download3K.com   SAFE TO INSTALL certificate on FindMySoft.com   5/5 Stars Rating on CoreDownload.com

5/5 Stars Rating on Software.Ivertech.com   5/5 Stars on Biz2Consumer.com   5/5 Rating on SoftsLand.com   5/5 Rating on IsHowWeb.com

5/5 Rating on Soooooft.com   Advare and Spyware Free Certificate on QArchive.org   CLEAN SOFT award on CleanSofts.com

Editor's Choice on RedSofts.com

Agent UnderCover, © Cresotech, Inc. All rights reserved.

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